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Jeff Bloom aka jeffrey jones bloom, Jah Free + jj jammer or "turtle"! Bloom, Performs Guitar/Vocal + Liquid Space Music (eletric guitar, didgeridu, rainstick, ocarina flute, adding dolphin and orca whale sounds) songs of interspecies communication and pure edge of neo-funk, rock & roll, reggae and electronica.

1984 Band of the Year: Army Of Love; jeff bloom, mark mcCoy, ivan knight, tommy andrews, peter kenvin, randy willert and todd hoffman all from the San Diego X Los Angeles X New York music scene from 1979-1988. Army Of Love, Produced by Tony Creed of the legendary Surf Punks. Army Of Love members, shared the stage w/ R.E.M., INXS, The Kinks, members of Blondie, Sex Pistols, New York Dolls, Iggy Pop, Go-Go's, Girlschool, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, PIL, Doctor and the Medics, and Mary's Danish. The L.A. music scene was Jane's Addiction, RHCP, Fishbone and there was Gun's & Roses.

1986-1989 Jeff Bloom aka Romeo Jones put together and band that was a (cross) X; The Cult + Beastie Boys = Sex & Free Beer! The most feared band in L.A. 1988 banned from the coconut teazer among other clubs, but The Central Club (now the Viper Room), had Sex & Free Beer Live onstage to joke about the music scene, Blue Velvet and the Cosby Show would still kick punk rock ass!

1980-1982 Jeff Bloom, Micheal Andrews aka Elgin Park (guitar; Greyboy All Stars), john schwartz/bass & Irwin/drums (currently "Irwin's Conspeirscy"),were know as Ominous then became "The Humble Tones". The Humble Tones plaed music @ house parties w/ Gary Jules and the hottest la jolla local band ever "Jonny Kat"!

1995-1997 Jeff Bloom's performed live ~Liquid Space Guitar~ in San Francisco w/ DJ's Hawke, Q-Burns, Niven and Charlotte the Baroness. Recorded for Gavin Hardkiss and the song "Vivos in liquid space" played on MTV.

1990-1999- Jeff Bloom Produced "Spirit Of The Islands", featuring Gavin Hardkiss known as Hawke on the song "Vivos in Liquid Space", DJ Alien Tom vs. Liquid Space on the song "The Return", and the song "Thunder" by 3000 BC. 3000 BC performed @ Town Pump, Commador Ballroom and the Railway Club in British Columbia, Canada from 1990-1994.

Jeff Bloom in 1997 & 1998 as a Guitarist for a West Coast & Ski Mountian Tour w/ Citizen X lead by Steve Steadham, 1980's World Pro Skateboarder and Dancehall Reggae musician/producer. Fishbone's Angello Moore & J. Bloom are featured on recordings of Citizen X.

2002 Jeff Bloom "New Style" CD was released or printed and featuring guitarist Brian Jordan (guitar for Stephan Perkins (janes addiction), & Karl Denson's Tiny Universe), + additional Vocals by Dancehall Reggae artist Bounty Hunta, and special guest Elijah Emmanual! The song "Peace On Earth" is a strong song with a profound message, available @

2004 Jeff Bloom & the Spider Monkeys @ Earthfair San Diego.

2005 Jeff Bloom w/ Christian, Zat & Shanti Vina (Bellydancer) @ Earthfair S.D.

2006 Bounty Hunta w/ jeff bloom aka Jah Free, Hummingbirds & Turtles music/art festival. Music like Jack Johnson + Sizzla= Bounty & Bloom! Acustic Dancehall Reggae.

2007 Jeff Bloom/guitar, JD john derick/drums & Julian/bass+vocals Performed @ OBFM, Ocean Beach Farmers Market, CA March 14, 2007.

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